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Work with an experienced and passionate team that is narrowly focused on the mobile space. We live and breathe mobile.

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Work with a team that specializes in mobile game. We don’t just build games we study and love the space.

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Work with a team that can help you with Marketing, App Store Optimization, and Development.



Steve P. Young

Steve P. Young

Co-founder & CEO

Steve P. Young is a content marketing machine and lover of mobile apps. He also hosts the Mobile App Chat podcast where the top mobile app developers share their success stories. Favorite app: Pocket Casts.

Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta

Co-founder & COO

Amit Gupta is a digital marketer with a passion for mobile apps and user acquisition. Pixel Happy is brain child of Amit. His hobbies include reading, watching movies and giving speeches. Favorite app: Angry Birds.

Rakshak Kalwani

Rakshak Kalwani

Co-founder & Lead Game Developer

Rakshak Kalwani is a geek with a passion for developing mobile games. He loves reading and applying the latest in the game dev technologies. His hobbies include watching movies and (obviously) playing loads of games. Favorite app: Duet.

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